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  1. During festivities at Vahali Shipyard in Serbia to launch AmaWaterways’ newest vessel, AmaKristina, evp and co-owner Kristin Karst baptized her namesake vessel on the 28th of April, 2016.   AmaWaterways president and co-owner Rudi Schreiner then honored long-time shipbuilding partners and friends Koert and Marian Kamphuisen, presenting them with a memorial plate.
    'We are thrilled to celebrate the latest addition to our AmaWaterways fleet, as well as the dedication and friendship of Koert and Marian Kamphuisen,' Karst said. 'Part of what makes AmaWaterways so special, we believe, is our careful attention to innovative design. It has been a privilege to work with Koert and Marian over the years and to have them as our partners, bringing our inspiration to life.'
    Ceremony guests participated in a commemorative champagne toast, tasted local specialties and were treated to farewell fireworks.
    AmaKristina is currently being transferred by tugboat on a three-week journey to Vahali Shipyard in the Netherlands, where interior will be completed.  AmaKristina is modeled after the line’s newest vessels, AmaStella and AmaViola, which are designed to cater to the multigenerational and group markets with connecting cabins.  These ships also sport a higher number of signature twin-balcony (French and outside balconies) staterooms, expanded fitness rooms and salon and massage areas on the lower deck.AmaKristina is scheduled to sail its inaugural Rhine River cruise on March 31, 2017.


  2. Beginning with the AmaStella in February and the AmaViola in April Kamphuisen Projects again handed over two vessels to their longterm partner AmaWaterways.  With Adventures by Disney passengers in mind, the 170 passenger AmaStella and AmaViola features connecting cabins and new room configurations designed specifically for families.  Construction is already underway on the AmaKristina, launching in 2017, for a second Adventures by Disney river cruise itinerary along the Rhine. 

    In addition to new group-friendly stateroom configurations, AmaStella and AmaViola also features the company’s latest ship design. Guests have access to a greater number signature twin-balcony (French and outside balconies) staterooms, which provides breathtaking panoramic views, as well as expanded fitness rooms and salon and massage areas on the lower deck.

  3. It was the sixth AmaWaterways ship christened in this charming town near Munich, and company co-founder Rudi Schreiner indicated AmaViola would likely be named in Vilshofen in 2016, continuing the tradition.

    'Who could imagine doing anything else but selling people's dreams?' said Fee, a 34-year travel industry veteran. 'Today I feel like the luckiest person, representing all Cruise Planners agents. The ship is actually being christened by the Cruise Planners family.'
    Fee called AmaWaterways 'exemplary' in the travel industry, and praised Schreiner, co-founder Kristin Karst and all the staff and crew who deliver such a quality river-cruise experience.

  4. Whilst reading you are looking at the introduction of our brand new website – completely redesigned to be used on all kind of operating systems, but also to be used on tablets and mobile phones. 

    Having delivered the 2015 AmaVista and AmaSerena – which vessels just started their maiden voyages the 2016 projects are well on their way.  Being build at the Vahali Shipyard in Zasvica (Serbia) the AmaStella is almost completed on the slipway – and will be launched at the end of April, 2015.  Starting on the 4th of May the vessel will be transported to the Vahali Shipyard in Gendt (the Netherlands) where the subcontractors will start the outfitting and completion of the 7th vessel of the “Certo” - class

    In the meanwhile the construction of the AmaViola already started in the construction facilities in Zasavica and half of the sections are ready to be connected.  This first part of the vessel will soon be transported outside to the slipway.

    For 2017 we are appointed to deliver another 135 meter vessel of the “Certo”-class and are discussing some other possibilities voor AMA Waterways’ various destinations.  Negotiations with the Vahali Shipyard – as well as the discussions about design and changes – already started a couple of weeks ago. 

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Most of the companies within the Kamphuisen Group focus on capital investments and participations in the leisure and shipping industry. Among these, Kamphuisen Shipping and Kamphuisen Projects play a more active role and offer a wider range of services in the shipping industry in general. Kamphuisen Shipping is a well-known shipping agent and acts as an exclusive agent for several Dutch shipping lines (Agency & Cruises) Within Kamphuisen Projects we take care of the design & project management - more popular: we built ships....(Design & Projects) However, the company group is specialized in inland shipping; or to be even more specific: in river cruising. As we operate in a very small team we are familiar with our clients and their needs.

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Coming from a house of bargemen, the Kamphuisen family started in the early 1950's - as one of the first to organize and offer river cruises. In the beginning of the 21th century, the company has grown to one of the leading and largest river cruise companies in Europe. Years ago we reviewed our ideas, opportunities and strengths. This led to a complete reorganisation of the company. At the same time we disposed of the operational side. Ever since, we only focus on advising and accompanying our partners to realize their projects and ideas.

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