2016 Projects well on their way

Whilst reading you are looking at the introduction of our brand new website – completely redesigned to be used on all kind of operating systems, but also to be used on tablets and mobile phones. 

Having delivered the 2015 AmaVista and AmaSerena – which vessels just started their maiden voyages the 2016 projects are well on their way.  Being build at the Vahali Shipyard in Zasvica (Serbia) the AmaStella is almost completed on the slipway – and will be launched at the end of April, 2015.  Starting on the 4th of May the vessel will be transported to the Vahali Shipyard in Gendt (the Netherlands) where the subcontractors will start the outfitting and completion of the 7th vessel of the “Certo” - class

In the meanwhile the construction of the AmaViola already started in the construction facilities in Zasavica and half of the sections are ready to be connected.  This first part of the vessel will soon be transported outside to the slipway.

For 2017 we are appointed to deliver another 135 meter vessel of the “Certo”-class and are discussing some other possibilities voor AMA Waterways’ various destinations.  Negotiations with the Vahali Shipyard – as well as the discussions about design and changes – already started a couple of weeks ago.