AmaReina departed for her first cruise, AmaSonata delivered

On March, 16 the AmaReina received her first guests in Amsterdam and departed one day later for her first cruise to Budapest. In the meanwhile the AmaSonata executed the final trials for Lloyd's Register and the final certificates have been issued.

Whilst the AmaReina sets sail for her maiden-voyage to Budapest and the Christening off the vessel on the 4th of April in Vilshofen - the subcontractors on board of the AmaSonata started with the final outfitting of this vessel.

In the upcoming weeks we will deliver and install the hotelequipment, furniture and other fine goods which finally makes the ship into a five star river cruise vessel.  The first cruise for the AmaSonata will start on April, 23 - with her Christening on the 22nd of July - also in Vilshofen.

In the meanwhile the construction of the 5th vessel - the AmaVista - is well on its way at the Vahali Shipyards in Serbia.  The launch of this vessel is planned on April, 10 and it will be transported to the Netherlands from May, 1   Scheduled to arrive at Vahali - Gendt around the first of June.